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Welcome to Kiss The Rain, a graphic community born to share my own graphics works.
I enjoy making graphic but remember that behind every kind of graphic there is time and creativity; so please READ THE RULES BEFORE TAKING SOMETHING. Thank you.

Remember that this is a MEMBERS ONLY community: all posts will remain public only for a week, after that they become memebers only. So if you don't want to miss my graphic JOIN Kiss The Rain.

And alway Enjoy Your Stay.
. Credit is a MUST. Remember to credit princess_herm or kisstherain_g.

If you don't know what credit is or how to do it read this TUTORIAL. Simple, isn't it!

. DO NOT HOTLINK!!!. Please, hotlink is a very very very bad thing! So save what you like on your own server and upload the graphic with a free image hosting server as Photobucket or Imageshack.

. Comments are my drug. I love to read what do you like about my graphics or what you don't.

. Nominations as well make my giddy but please let me know about them.

. Blanks icons are not bases.

. Don't edit the graphics.

. Don't claim anything as your own.
. JOIN the community. It's the only way to watch ALL the entries at any time.

. FRIEND the community. You'll be able to watch at the latest entries for their first week, before they become memebers only.

. MEMORIES Check out the memories if your looking for some graphics.

. TAGS Tags too will permit you to find out past graphics, organised by names/characterics.
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